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Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths: Start Living Happier

After two hours of brilliance mixed with confusion we carefully hide our perplexed faces from our beautiful teacher Gen Kelsang Suma and climb the stairs of our quiet Buddhist centre.  Momentarily having forgotten the existence of the world outside, we step into the daylight with swirling minds.  This is just one of the 1,100 Kadampa Buddhist centre’s around the world that is accessible for anyone to learn teachings on Modern Buddhism to bring ancient principles into our everyday lives.  http://kadampa.org/centers/ Continue reading

Little Known Mistakes You Could be Making to Push Your Friends Away – A Personal Look at How a ‘Mean Girls Book Club’ Renewed my Friendships

We can all relate to this scenario; a cute boy enters the room, the circle of friendly women sipping tea from 5 minutes ago have turned into ferocious, blood thirsty lions.  Our attack shows no boundaries, “Look at Susie’s outfit, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?” The fangs sink in for the kill, “And would you look at the weight she’s gained.”  We then carry her beaten and defeated in our mouths and drop her limp body at the foot of our prize cute boy, who we have now exaggerated to be a Brad Pitt lookalike.  Victorious, we wipe the blood from our lips.  What is it that turns sane, civilized women into nothing more than foolish mean girls?

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