Gratitude Journal

gratitude wallpaper_16:9

A few benefits of gratitude:

Research has proven that being thankful sprouts a whole heap of health benefits, improved immune systems, higher morale, better sleep, increased energy, more confidence and feeling more connected.

Happiness is the experience of living every moment with love, grace and gratitude.

Why not start a gratitude practice today, you have everything you need to start right now.  What are you waiting for?Gratitude

For the next month, maintain a Gratitude Journal. Everyday record two things you are grateful for.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how small blessings cultivate large changes in your quality of life.30 Days of Gratitude- Day 30

I am Grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for my physical ability to attend yoga class pain free today.
  2.  I am grateful for the walk through nature I shared with my two dogs.



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