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Who is Xavier Rudd? 5 Reasons to Admire this Hero

Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd first captured my attention after I stumbled upon a live performance on YouTube, his unique eccentric, zany barefoot style left me curious to say the least.  Best known for his folk, reggae and didgeridoo infused music, I spent the next few months IPOD in hand wondering how I was just discovering this musical genius.  Although this Australian is best known for his impressive singing and song writing, there are four other compelling and admirable reasons not be deceived by this surfer dude with a guitar and messy hair.

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The Voiceless – A Glimpse of Life in Captivity


My wings spread wide, a warm wind pushes me silently through the sky, I soar proudly.  Nose-diving towards the trees I slice through the air a rush of excitement filling me.  Taking a deep breath I swoop around take off back up towards towards the clouds.  The slight smell of a light rain fills me, my quest to find food will be plentiful tonight.  I squawk loudly in ecstasy, my feathers ruffling haimagesCATSWOROppily, this is the perfect summer day.  Suddenly I am awoken by a loud clang, startled my reflex to avert danger shoots me upwards towards the sky, the cuff around my leg springs me back against the cage, I’m left stunned.  Without choice I slump a few steps forward and fight to slide my chain along the wire to seek out the stale bird food that was just dropped off.

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