A Challenge: Live in the Moment – 12 Ideas that Really Work.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

It seems lately that we are bombarded with mindfulness advice, it plasters our Facebook, blog and twitter newsfeeds.  We hear about all the wonderful health benefits that is derived from this practice.  We philoshize, discuss and contemplate.  We nod our heads in agreement at the wisdom of the teachings and how the critical state of our world needs mindfulness.

But do we go beyond intellectualizing, are we practicing mindfulness?

I’ve asked myself this question and if I’m honest I was startled to discover many loop holes in my practice.  So I have decided to take action.

I have presented myself with a challenge. 

Over the next year I am going to practice living in the moment, not just talk about being present, I’m going to live it.  Once a month I am going to engage in an experience to bring me into the present moment.  This experience will be something that I might have said, “I’m going to do that one day” but then my mind usually talks me out of it.  I’m going to write a short post each month for one year about these experiences.

No money is required, nothing other than imagination and impulsiveness.  My goal is to try to regain a childlike, playful zest for life and in doing so form valuable habits of appreciating the moment.

I invite whoever is reading to join along, challenge yourself.  I’m excited, I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Living in the Moment Archive (12 fun experiences)

July – Swim to Freedom

live in the present moment


8 thoughts on “A Challenge: Live in the Moment – 12 Ideas that Really Work.

  1. charlotte49

    Look forward to following your progress and posts. I also find myself talking about mindfulness more than practising it but constantly aim to slow down and bring myself back into the moment.

    1. Barefoot Beginnings Post author

      Hi Bryan, sorry I was not clear, I’m going practice living in the moment by doing simple things to break up the humdrum routine of everyday life, simple experiences such as waking up at dawn to watch the sunset. I’m going to ensure I engage in at least one experience each month. I’m hoping these experiences will bring a renewed aliveness, appreciation and enjoyment to life.
      I find it’s so easy to just let life slip away working and doing household chores, I feel like I need to make more effort to engage in experiences beyond my routine.
      By the way I love your blog, I’m enjoying the 30 days without women posts, I’m interested to see how you will feel by day 30, day 16 was intense!! Haha.

      1. Bryan Reeves

        ahhhh got you. one thing I find that can be fun is to even just bring that heightened awareness to the activities you’re already doing … even household stuff. I do this meditation sometime when I’m preparing dinner, where I just pay attention to every single little sound detail my ears can pick up … the sucking sound of the fridge door opening, the tinkling of silverware, the crisp swoosh of vegetables being sliced … everything. Anyway, just a thought 🙂 ……. yes my 30-days is intense. lots of little rhythms within the experience. In one sense I can’t wait till it’s over. In another, I hope the larger freedom I’m discovering never ends. (which is all about awareness … soooooo ….)

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