Who is Xavier Rudd? 5 Reasons to Admire this Hero

Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd first captured my attention after I stumbled upon a live performance on YouTube, his unique eccentric, zany barefoot style left me curious to say the least.  Best known for his folk, reggae and didgeridoo infused music, I spent the next few months IPOD in hand wondering how I was just discovering this musical genius.  Although this Australian is best known for his impressive singing and song writing, there are four other compelling and admirable reasons not be deceived by this surfer dude with a guitar and messy hair.

Let’s start with reason number one, the most obvious; his musical talent.

Xavier Rudd @ Granada TheaterHe really is a one-man band with an array of instruments scattered around him, you’ll find drums, banjos, bell’s, harmonica’s, didgeridoo’s and guitars; what’s amazing is he plays many of them simultaneously.

Aside from being drawn in by his unique musical talents most fall in love with his infectious laid back, barefoot wacky style.  People usually find themselves caught between excitement and hypnosis during his concerts, swaying back and forth to the music during passionate socially charged ballads, or barely able to stay in their seats during quick beated reggae sessions.  Everyone in the auditorium is left feeling euphoric with an unexplainable sense of calm; much like a powerful yoga class or a meditation session where you finally get to the sweet spot.

I was fortunate enough to attend a concert in Toronto, I found myself connecting to Xavier Rudd on such an intense level, feeling his passion and depth flow through the song right into me.  Trust me, attending a live performance of Xavier Rudd will leave you in goosebumps; his sheer talent, passion and amazing musical beats will have you walking away from his performance a fan for life.   Not convinced to immediately go home and download as much of his music as you can?  Well have a listen to a couple tunes.

The second reason I admire Xavier Rudd is his commitment to vegetarianism.

Xavier Rudd Live Concert @ Ancienne Belgique Bruxelles-4901

Voted PETA’s sexiest vegetarian in 2007, Xavier Rudd said this at an interview with PETA:

“Nowadays most people don’t even know where their food comes from. They don’t consider food that important. There’s so much stress and busyness in the Western World that people don’t think about where their food comes from and how it was produced. To me, it’s very important to know where it comes from and which way it took to finally reach my plate. Many people just don’t have this awareness and therefore don’t think about all the animals suffering to get them their steak. That’s what makes such disrespectful treatment of animals on factory farms possible in the first place. I respect all beings, and that’s the reason why I turned away from a diet that includes meat.”

For anyone who is vegetarian, or is on the road to being a vegetarian we all know how difficult this choice can be.  From all of the media propaganda, fast food restaurants, constant criticism and social judgements this is not an easy lifestyle to maintain.  I have respect for anyone who stands up for what they believe in and sticks to their commitments. Together we can try to invoke global change and shift, first the change always starts with yourself.  Having a special interest myself in animal rights and struggling with my own eating habits, I find his music and stories to be an inspiration.  In this video  he describes driving by a California factory farm field and how this invoked his change towards vegetarianism.

On my own path to discovering spirituality, the third reason I admire Xavier Rudd isn’t just for his spirituality but his openness to talk about it.

Xavier Rudd Live Concert @ Ancienne Belgique Bruxelles-4540Xavier Rudd’s father was part aboriginal and he keeps strong ties to his heritage.  Australian aboriginal culture is one of the oldest living cultures on the planet and at the core of their beliefs is ‘land’.  To aboriginals the land is more than just dirt and streams, it is a belief of fundamental inter-connectedness of all natural things, with primary importance being attached to Mother Earth.  They sustain the land and the land sustains them.

From Creative Spirits:

“Aboriginal spirituality is inextricably linked to land, “it’s like picking up a piece of dirt and saying this is where I started and this is where I’ll go. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and identity.”

Deeply involved in campaigning for aboriginal rights, Xavier Rudd often finds himself protesting against a country which continues to be ignorant to past and present injustice.  Is it enough that Australia has “National Sorry Day” (held on May 28 since 1998), sorry we stole your land, children and customs; sorry we stripped you of your language, right to vote and even your ability to reproduce.  For a country professing to be sorry, why then is their still a fight over what little sacred land this culture has left.

Personally I have read a few books on the Australian aboriginal culture, to the right is a great read by Marlo Morgan called Message from Forever.  This book is full of simple yet deep wisdom that that we seem to have long forgotten about in the western RED076world.  I would like to think that we have a lot to learn from the oldest culture on the planet.  I believe their deep wisdom holds value even still in the Western World.

Westerners seem to have lost any sense of interconnectedness and developed a separate “me” attitude.  We don’t take the time to think about the life forces that had to interconnect in order for our food to appear on our plates, and we certainly don’t express gratitude.  I respect the mindset to take no more than you need and to always express thanks.  The depletion of our natural world is happening at an alarming rate and with global food shortages predicted.  We could all learn a little from the Aboriginals, heck we could all learn a lot; and if not for us, then for our children and grandchildren.

Please check out the website,  All hands on Earth, the fourth and fifth reason I admire Xavier Rudd, his environmentalism and humanity.

Xavier Rudd Concert Live @ Ancienne Belgique Brussels-2831Many environmental issues ring through Xavier’s music.  A passage from the song Messages:

For the trees that we see

Cannot forever breathe

With the changes they will confront

Xavier Rudd lives completely off the grid while off tour in his enviro friendly home.  Folks he is the real deal!  An excerpt from an interview posted on circles on the water:

Xavier: I built a house of straw bio, earth and all recycled materials.  I have a standalone solar system so I’m not connected to the grid at all. One farm sewage, tank water that I catch from the roof. It’s completely sustainable. And I pretty much eat from the local farmers market which is in my street every Tuesday. So I don’t really need a plastic transporter, just take a basket and load it up.

Enough said.

We are living in a very scary time; war, pollution, crime, poverty, overpopulation, starvation, genocides, animal exploitation just to name a few, plague our everyday lives.  Its surprising we are not yet all on Prozac, afraid walk out our front doors.  But we can get out of bed in the morning, I think we can because we have hope for humanity. 

There is time in each and every one of us when we quiet the incessant chatter of the mind and we feel our own life force, at this time we know with a certain wisdom that we can do better.  At this point we truly understand our interconnectedness, not because we can intellectually understand the concept but because we feel it.

Collectively humanity has made some scary decisions, things have gotten pretty bad, but is it too late?  I can sense a shift in consciousness.  I still have hope.  We need people like Xavier Rudd, humanity needs Xavier Rudd, to teach, influence and inspire.  So let me ask you, have you mistaken Xavier Rudd for merely an eccentric, barefoot hippie?  Take a second look, hippie or hero of humanity?

Lyrics to “Messages” by Xavier Rudd:Xavier Rudd Concert Live @ Ancienne Belgique Brussels-2933

So come sit down
Will you talk with me now?
Let me see through your eyes
Where there is so much life

We are biding our time
For these myths to unwind
These changes we will confront

So please bewareXavier Rudd Live Concert @ Ancienne Belgique Bruxelles-4699
With every place that you had
Look to your soul
For these things that you know

For the trees that we see
Cannot forever breathe
With the changes they will confront

You know some people
They just wont understand
They just wont understand these things
Thank you for your message
But I don’t understand
No, I just wont understand these things

This sacred land it has
Seen many hands, it has
Wealth and gold yet it is
Fragile and old and all the

Greedy souls just don’t care to know
Of the changes it will confront

So speak out loud of the
Things you are proud
And if you love this coast
Keep it clean as it evolves

‘Cause the way that it shines
May just dwindle with time
With the changes it will confront

You know some people
They just wont understand
They just wont understand these things
Thank you for your message

But I don’t understand
No, I just wont understand these things
You know some people
They just wont understand

They just wont understand these things
Thank you for your message
But I don’t understand
No, I just wont understand these things

So hold nice and close
The ones that get to your soul
So that when it is cold
You wont feel so alone

‘Cause the roads that you take
May just crack and break
With the changes you will confront

With each gift that you share
You may heal and repair
With each choice that you make
You may help someone’s day

Well I know you are strong
May your journey be long
Now I wish you the best of luck
Well I know you are strong

May your journey be long
And now I wish you the best of luck


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